Undergraduate Courses Offered for Spring 2016!

All of the classes listed below count towards the major and minor! Consider these classes when registering for the Spring semester. We hope next semester is exciting and challenging!

Women and Gender Studies Department

21:988:201 Intro to Women’s Studies

21:988:205 Intro to LGBTQ Studies

21:988:301 Feminist History and Theory

21:988:325 Politics of Sexuality

21:988:329 Topics in Women’s Studies: Section 2: Transgender Studies, Section 61 Gender and Human Rights

21:988:330 Topics in Women’s Studies: Psychology of Men

21:988:401 Individual Research in Women’s Studies

21:988:425 Women’s Studies Internship

History Department

21:512:204 LGBT History

21:512:274 History of Women in the United States: 1877 to Present

English Department

21:350:337 Topics in Literature: (Homo) Sexuality and (Trans) Gender in English

21:350:390 Women in Medieval Literature

21:350:230 Comics and Graphic Novels

Political Science Department

21:790:356 Sex, Law, & Public Policy

Spanish Department

21:940:453 Hispanic Women Writers

Art History Department

21:082:207 Art and Women

Any questions can be directed to the Department Chair: Dr. Whitney Strub: wstrub@andromeda.rutgers.edu

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