Yellow Girl in Harlem

Founded in 1968, The Studio Museum in Harlem offers an abundance of exhibitions and programs revolving around African-American art and the Harlem community. Their work with the African-American artistic community is embodied in their long-running artist in residence program which has supported numerous artists advanced their creative careers.

One of their on-going projects is Harlem Postcards. This project asks artists draw on the legacy of creative energy in Harlem to photograph sites of historical, social, and cultural significance in the community. Each artist uses their unique experience of the neighborhood and artistic eye to make a 3X5′ postcard that captures a distinct element of the Harlem streets. This one, photographed by Chitra Ganest of Brooklyn, NY, that is featured this month:

Yellow Girl, 2009 Chitra Ganesh

Despite being a Brooklynite, Ganesh identifies with the vibrancy of the neighborhood. Her eye for bold, cartoon-like animated figures led her to create this image for the museum as a snapshot of a certain “Harlem mystique.”

Here is another postcard from, Sheree Hovsepian who took several found objects on the street and arranged them for this photograph:

Props, 2009 Sheree Hovsepian

In addition to the Postcards project there is also an exhibition of former studio resident Wardell Milan. Wardell Milan: Drawings of Harlem features several drawings from Milan’s year-long studio residency in Harlem. The collection of drawings, in black and white as well as color, captures austere and playful snapshots of buildings and the city streets around 125h Avenue.

Drawings of Harlem, Wardell Milan

Furthermore, 30 Seconds off an Inch, main exhibition of the moment, is a collection of paintings, installation pieces, photograph, and video from artists considering the relationship between the body and race in, “clever, subtle and astute ways.” Several of the pieces use text, image, and organic manner in cleverly to provoke audiences. Here are a few of the pieces:

Explosion #28, Charles Gaines

Untitled, Kori Newkirk

The Harlem Studio Museum is located at 144 W. 125th St. in New York and is about an hour-long train ride from Newark. It’s a great excursion out of Brick City for a Sunday afternoon (it’s free after 2pm).


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